Javier Suarez



High Aspect: Warden Initiate
Trouble: A Problem With Authority
Other Aspects:
  • Always Look Out For #1
  • Know When To Fold ‘Em
  • Little Fish In a Big Sea
  • Strange Bedfellows
  • Right Place, Wrong Time

Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Skill Cap: Great (+4)
Skill Points Spent: 0
Skill Points Available: 25
Base Refresh Level: 7
Total Refresh Adjustment: -6
Adjusted Refresh: 1


Physical (Endurance): 2
O 0 O
Mental (Conviction): 2
O 0 0 O
Social (Presence): 2


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 N
Moderate Any -4 N
Severe Any -6 N
Extreme Any -8 N Replace Permanently


Great (+4): Conviction, Alertness
# of Slots: 2

Good (+3): Discipline, Athletics
# of Slots: 2

Fair (+2): Intimidation, Weapons, Endurance
# of Slots: 3

Average (+1): Deceit, Guns, Lore, Investigation, Stealth
# of Slots: 5


Cost Ability
-2 Channeling (Spirit)
-2 Ritual (Veils)
-1 Wizard’s Sight
-0 Soulgaze

Template: Sorcerer

High Concept Aspect: Warden Initiate

Trouble Aspect: A Problem With Authority

PHASE ONE: Background

Events: Born to a Mexican whore, Javier grows up in a mexican brothel with his sister. Mostly left to his own devices he quickly falls in with street gangs and a life of crime. He quickly realize that the way to happiness is power over other people

Phase aspect: Always Look Out For #1

PHASE TWO: Rising Conflict

Events: When a member of Javier’s gang suddenly develops political aspirations, he proceeds to systematically erase all ties to his former life, including gang members. This drives Javier to flee to the U.S. with his sister to avoid being caught and killed.

Phase aspect: Know When To Fold ‘Em


Story Title:

Guest Starring: Tenzin Mi-go


Phase aspect:

PHASE FOUR: Guest Star

Story Title: Painting the Town . . . White?

Guest Starring: Markus Raith

Events: While investigating reports of mental domination downtown, the trail leads to a club where Markus Raith’s band was playing. Upon entering the club Javier realized just who and what Markus was, and having no other leads, Javier decides to ask Markus for any information regarding the reports.

Phase aspect: Strange Bedfellows

PHASE FIVE: Guest Star Redux


Guest Starring: Genevieve Batiste

Events: An old friend turns up dead, and Javier is called in to identify the body. this old friend happens to be another former gang member, and Javier can’t help but feel this is too much of a coincidence. He has been assigned to occasionally watch Genevieve while she is under the Doom, and knows her affinity with the dead. So, reluctant and somewhat embarassed, he asks for her help in finding out exactly what happened.

Phase aspect: Right Place, Wrong Time

Javier Suarez

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