Markus Raith

Entertainer Extraordinaire of House Raith



High Aspect: Entertainer Extraordinaire of House Raith
Trouble: Can’t Fill The Void
Other Aspects:
  • Damned to passionate emptiness
  • Feel deeply or feel nothing
  • If you can’t silence the demons, feed them
  • Indulge now, pay later
  • Two heads are better than one and twice as vulnerable

Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Skill Cap: Great (+4)
Skill Points Spent: 0
Skill Points Available: 25
Base Refresh Level: 7
Total Refresh Adjustment: -5
Adjusted Refresh: 2


Physical (Endurance): 2
Mental (Conviction): 2
Social (Presence): 2


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 N
Moderate Any -4 N
Severe Any -6 N
Extreme Any -8 N Replace Permanently


Great (+4): Performance, Presence
# of Slots: 2

Good (+3): Deceit, Rapport
# of Slots: 2

Fair (+2): Contacts, Empathy, Resources
# of Slots: 3

Average (+1): Alertness, Athletics, Discipline, Intimidation, Stealth
# of Slots: 5


Cost Ability
-1 Emotional Vampire
+0 Human Guise
-1 Incite Emotion (Touch Only)
+1 Feeding Dependency
-2; 0 Inhuman Recovery; The Catch Is True Love
-2 Inhuman Speed

Template: White Court Vampire

High Concept Aspect: Entertainer Extraordinaire of House Raith

  • High Concept Must Indicate Heritage
  • Emotional Vampire -1
  • Human Guise +0
  • Incite Emotion (Touch Only) -1
  • Feeding Dependency +1
  • Inhuman Recovery -2; the Catch is True Love +0
  • Inhuman Speed -2
  • Inhuman Strength -2

Trouble Aspect: Can’t Fill The Void

PHASE ONE: Background

Events: Born to a musician father, and a theatrical mother, Markus had a natural talent in both arts and knew from the earliest age that to entertain was his destiny. Against most White Court advice, his parents told him of his vampire nature early on.

Phase aspect: Damned to passionate emptiness

PHASE TWO: Rising Conflict

Events: Blessed and cursed with the greatest passion and a hunger for many things he can never taste, his eternal longing and loneliness fuel his masterful artistry.

Phase aspect: Feel deeply or feel nothing


Story Title: Zen Through Immolation

Guest Starring: Tenzin Mi-go

Events: As his talents and passion matured and increased, so did his angst and hunger for the forbidden, love, intimacy, until it threatened to consume him. The monk, Tenzin Mi-go, found his path drawn to one of Markus’s shows and he saw the turmoil within Markus. He convinced Markus to come to visit him whenever his inner demons reared their heads, and taught Markus methods to quiet them and find some inner peace and to appreciate the positive aspects of his life. However to defeat a psychotic, murdering Red Court vampire, Markus would have to indulge and feed his inner demons to harness the full power of all his inner pain.

Phase aspect: If you can’t silence the demons, feed them.

PHASE FOUR: Guest Star

Story Title: Ambrosia and Amnesia

Guest Starring: Travis

Events: It started after a show, as so many stories do, when Travis invited Markus to his after-show party. What followed was a night of unparalleled debauchery that ended with a dead girl, lost memory and all evidence pointing at Markus. Eventually the mystery led to a Red Court plot to frame Markus. Travis and Markus concocted a plan (involving another epic party, naturally) to lure those responsible for the plot and publicly expose them, clearing Markus’s name and disgracing the Red Court.

Phase aspect: Indulge now, pay later

PHASE FIVE: Guest Star Redux

Story Title: The Trick Spell and The Spell Trick

Guest Starring: Yvette Batiste

Events: In order to infiltrate a group of anti-magic zealots who have been causing trouble for the White Court, Markus enlists the help of Yvette Batiste, a reknowned stage magician. Through the combination of their talents, they convince the zealots that she is a wizard who has mastered the art of masking her magical nature and appearing “normal” to all magical detection. She brings Markus in as a supposed “double agent” to help the zealots, he’s actually a triple agent who takes them down.

Phase aspect: Two heads are better than one and twice as vulnerable

Markus Raith

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