Pitivo Rocka

"RockSteady" Eastern European Man about town.




High Aspect: Bad-Ass Bachelor of Bacchus
Trouble: I got Sober for this?
Other Aspects:
  • Life deals you Lemons make Limoncello and mix it with Tito’s
  • Touched I am, as touched you will become.
  • I took the one less traveled by,
  • Everything goes better with booze.
  • I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine.

Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Skill Cap: Great (+4)
Skill Points Spent: 25
Skill Points Available: 0
Base Refresh Level:
Total Refresh Adjustment:
Adjusted Refresh:


Physical (Endurance): 2
Mental (Conviction): 3
Social (Presence): 3


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 N
Moderate Any -4 N
Severe Any -6 N
Extreme Any -8 N Replace Permanently


Great (+4):
# of Slots: 1 – Discipline

Good (+3):
# of Slots: 2 – Guns, Lore

Fair (+2):
# of Slots: 5 – Alertness, Resources, Presence, Craftmanship

Average (+1):
# of Slots: 5 – Athletics, Survival, Scholarship, Driving, Rapport, Performance, Conviction


Cost Ability
-1 Unknown
-1 Marked by Power
-1 Unknown
-1 Unknown
-1 Unknown
-1 Unknown

Sponsored Magic: Soulfire is end result. Focus is old firearms and knives Guns, Athletics, Driving, Presence, Performance, Lore, Rapport, Survival, Scholarship, Craftsmanship, Discipline, Conviction, Resources, Alertness


Template: Emissary of Power

High Concept Aspect: Bad-Ass Bachelor of Bacchus

  • open/unknown
  • Marked by Power[-1]

Trouble Aspect: I had to Sober up for this? or Wake me when the Hangover gets drunk.

PHASE ONE: Background

Events: Never tells the same background story twice about his time before he came to America. All that is commonly know is showed up in Atlanta in 1996 as part of the Croatian 50m Pistol and 10m Air Rifle – Running Target team. He did not medal in either event. Due to the turmoil and lack of any living family left in the old country he petitioned for and received asylum in the US. He took part in a State Department run school to finish out his citizenship requirements and aquire a high school diploma. To make ends meet he worked cleanup at a local mechanic’s shop and learned the trade becoming co-owner in a shop specializing in American Muscle Car restoration. Excelled in band playing both acoustic and electric guitar and loves music dabbling as a Music Producer. Known about town for throwing parties where all bets are off. Wasn’t born a Texan but could play a damn fine one on TV.

Phase Aspect: Life deals you Lemons make Limoncello and mix it with some Tito’s

PHASE TWO: Rising Conflict

Events: Between the Auto Shop, The Music and the Non-Stop partying one might think I’m a self indulgent prick. They could be right. I’m here for the Love of Life! Behind the Boyish Grin and the easy going nature you might catch a quick glimpse of something Darker. Suffering is abated by Frivolity. If you are in the way of the Liquor cabinet then you are about to get run over. I see what most do not. Come buy me a drink and I’ll tell you about it. Maybe. It might just be another flight of fancy, story from the old country.

Phase Aspect: Touched I am, as touched you will become.


Story Title: Here hold my bottle, watch this… or Reap the Whirlwind.

Cameo: Yvette Batiste

Events: After a good night out on the town watching an otherworld band at Elysium, Rock spies(Yvette Batiste) garnering some unintentional and more than likely unwanted attention. The party while happening for everyone else at it’s typically frenetic pace some how falls to several incidents of introversion and introspection. Being the unintented center of everyone’s raised spirit’s weighs heavily and he retreats back into memories of the past. Once realizing that he’s speaking Romanian and that’s why no one understands what he’s saying he comes back out of his funk enough to spin the whirlwind party well on it’s way to completetion for the night. Skating out the door with Yvette Batiste he stays out late drinking coffee and having an early breakfast with her at Kerby, leaving the entertained entertainer (Yvette Batiste) after a very long conversation, it’s back to work and another night of raucous delights.

Phase Aspect: I took the one less traveled by,

PHASE FOUR: Guest Star

Story Title: Drunk as I am you will be too…

Guest Starring: Markus Raith

Events: Markus Raith seemed to be a like soul. So on to the party we go. It was a solid 5.6 on the Rocka scale later and while yes I’m Hammered, no that wasn’t there before and I’m not hallucinating. Who left the dead girl? And why is she and Markus sharing one of my guest rooms? Well this is where the fun begins, 4 bottles later and we have a plan of attack. 6 bottles after that and maybe this wasn’t such a good idea… Ah that’s why the Romans called it binge and purge! And once more in to the breach. Look what the cat dragged in and what trash we need to take out! Hey! Red Court Flunkies! Smile for the camera! Oh wait nevermind… Where’d my bottle go?

Phase Aspect: Everything goes better with booze…

PHASE FIVE: Guest Star Redux

Story Title: Does this thing go any faster?

Guest Starring: Genevieve Batiste

Events: Casually minding my own business one day a feeling of dark forboding over took me. Coming from one of the one of the spare parts rooms was something dark and clawing. Curiosity getting the better of me I opened the door to see what was what. Bad idea. Fight or flight decides flight being best option I go diving out the front door nearly running in to Genevieve Batiste bringing her car in to have it looked at due to some noises under the hood. Diving in to the passenger seat yelling “Goose this cat! Go Cat GO!” a wild eyed Genevieve Batiste looks ready to toss me from the car as a loon when the dark nasty comes out of the back and foot to floor we’re on the road making for Panama. Losing the creature on the road after stoping for some road brews and jerky we find we have some common interests in music, automobiles and things that go bump in the night. We decide that the the shop must be saved from whatever fell beast has taken up lodging in it. Gathering together some tools of the damaging kind and whatever wards and toys we find at Genevieve Batiste abode (and realizing that if this friendship continues there might be “some ‘splainin to do”) we go back to Rock’s place to pickup some of the old world firepower and cutlery stored there. Genevieve Batiste gets a crash course in the level of Rock’s debaucherous life style she commences to dispense some sage advice to the current crashers at the flop house. Once done dispensing prophetlactics and comments about “Great advances in topical ointments” the duo heads off to make with the poking of the bear. After a fairly loud and furious tête à tête the blaggard is sent back to whatever foul place it came from.

Phase Aspect: I’ll scratch yours if you scratch mine.

Bergmann-Bayard 1910 Pistol in .45 ACP Steyr-Hahn Repetierpistole M1912/P16 FN Five-Seven FN P90 Kukri Navaja Srbosjek belonging to Petar Brzica 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator 2005 Ford F250 CrewCab Extended Bed

Pitivo Rocka

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