Tenzin Mi-go

Red Hat Were-gorilla



High Aspect: Red Cap Were-gorilla
Trouble: Cant help myself
Other Aspects:
  • Phase 1 Aspect: Temple Trained
  • Phase 2 Aspect: You cant save them all
  • Phase 3 Aspect: Following a higher power
  • Phase 4 Aspect: Zen and the art of sweet talking
  • Phase 5 Aspect: Right place right time

Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Skill Cap: Great (+4)
Skill Points Spent: 25
Skill Points Available: 25
Base Refresh Level: 7
Total Refresh Adjustment: -6
Adjusted Refresh: 1

STRESS HUMAN FORM Physical (Endurance): 4
Mental (Conviction): 4
Social (Presence): 4

WERE-FORM Physical (Endurance): 4
Mental (Conviction): 3
Social (Presence): 3


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 N
Moderate Any -4 N
Severe Any -6 N
Extreme Any -8 N Replace Permanently



Great (+4): Conviction,Disipline
# of Slots: 2

Good (+3): Presence, Endurance
# of Slots: 2

Fair (+2): Fists, Athletics, Alertness
# of Slots: 3

Average (+1): Might, Rapport, Intimidation, Empathy, Survival
# of Slots: 5


Great (+4):Might, Fists
# of Slots: 2

Good (+3):Athletics, Endurance
# of Slots: 2

Fair (+2):Conviction, Survival, Intimidation
# of Slots: 3

Average (+1):Presence, Empathy, Rapport, Discipline, Alertness
# of Slots: 5


Cost Ability
-1 Bless this house
-1 Guide my hand
-2 Righteousness
-1 Beast change
-1 Echoes of the beast
+2 Human form
-2 Inhuman strength

Template: True believer/ Were-Gorilla

High Concept Aspect: Red Hat Were-Gorilla

  • Bless this house
  • Guide my hand
  • Beast change
  • Echoes of the beast
  • Human form
  • Inhuman Strength

Trouble Aspect: Cant Help Myself

PHASE ONE: Background

Events: On a cold spring night a baby was left at the entry way of the Am-Sa temple in northern Tibet. With no idea about where he came from the masters of the temple took the baby in and raised him as they did all other students of the temple. Over the next few years the child now known as Tenzin, began his training of the mind body and spirit. Ten soon became one of the top students in the temple, his understanding and implementation of his training was leagues ahead of the others. The masters of the temple soon took notice of this as well, most notably the Grandmaster of the temple, Won Mi-go. One night in his early teens while training in the forest at night, Ten noticed the tracks of a creature he had never before seen. He followed them back to the temple, back the Grandmasters meditation chamber. With fear in his mind and heart for the life of his master he burst in to find the Grandmaster changing from the form a large ape that Ten had never seen before back to his wizened old self. Won Mi-go sat down and asked Ten “what emotion drove you through the door and brought us to this crossroad?” Ten replied “fear, and a want to protect my family my home and those things that I hold dearest to me!” “Good and bad” replied Won Mi-go. First, you have much training to continue. The training of your mind, body, and spirit should lead you down a path to which your emotions no longer are the driving force of your actions. Question one! Did the previous sight before you instill a want for you to leave the temple? “No, Grandmaster!” Good! Question 2! Will you continue your training to remove the emotional driving force of your actions? ‘Yes Grandmaster!” Good! Question 3! Will your want to protect others continue with your training? Yes, Grandmaster!” All the right answers! As a young child I had the same conversation with my Grandmaster, in which I asked him why how and why he had change into a large creature. First he told me that the creature is called a Gorilla. He then explained to me that as a monk it was our duty to help and protect those in need. And sometimes those needs call for more force and a stronge more physical influence. So the monks trained for generation to take on a stronger form to help those in need Question 4! Do you have the wish and will to learn the skills to help protect others and your home? Yes Grandmaster, with all my mind body and spirit! Then my child you shall train to be a warrior of faith and conviction. And the training began!

Phase Aspect: Temple Trained

PHASE TWO: Rising Conflict

Events: For years Tenzin trained his mid body and spirit to be the best at what he does, pushing himself farther and harder than all of those around him. As a master in his early twenties he started to assume duties away from the temple as a mediator and arbitrator, and protector. When these duties did not keep him from the temple he found any time he could to train with and learn from Grand master Won Mi-go. Tenzin had become like a son to Won Mi-go who did his best to pass on all of his knowledge and training. One day while Ten was away in a small village mediating between two farmers who were having a land ownership dispute Ten had a feeling that he was needed at the temple. His duties assigned by the temple kept him in the village long into the night until an agreement was reached between the two farmers. Ten then left for the temple with all haste. Upon returning to the temple Tenzin realized what the feeling of need was for. As he went slowly room by room he found everyone he knew had been killed. From the smallest child to the man who treated him as a son, the Grandmaster too was dead. Then he had this overwhelming feeling of guilt, maybe if he had been there or if he had left when he felt the pull, he could have helped them and they would all still be alive. Tenzin looked for all the information he could so he could find out what had happened and who had killed the monks. He placed the monks on a funeral pyre and sent their spirits on to their next place. He then sat down in a deep meditation. While in meditation he worked through all he had found and seen. Everyone had passed on in the same way, still in their cots, neck broken, with small holes in their necks. There seemed to be no other means of injury and no one seemed to know that it was happening. Tenzin had never seen these sorts of injuries and was at a complete loss. As his meditation went on into the hours of the morning, he began to get a feeling that he would not find his answers here and that he was being pulled to another place. He started to get a feeling that there was great need for him in this other place. He had visions of a temple in a far away land and university with a very distinct tower. When he came out of his meditation, still with the great feeling of regret for his absence during the attack he turned and headed for this new destination. Time for a new adventure!

Phase Aspect: You cant save them all


Story Title: A monk dies in the city

Cameo: Genavive Batiste

Events: Not knowing where he was going, Tenzin made his way across Asia to a town in South Korea where he was able to find a library. He spent many hours over the next few days searching through books and the internet looking for the temple and the tower that he had seen in his meditations. At night when not in the library he carried a picture of the tower which he had drawn, around the town asking people if they had any knowledge of the place. On the evening of his third day, he found a young college student who was the third person whom he spoke with that night. The students name was Edward, and he said that that looked like the UT tower at the University of Texas in Austin, near where he lived. Tenzin thanked him very much and was soon on the trail of the tower and temple. Tenzin soon found his way to Austin Texas and the temple of his visions. He went first to the tower that he had seen in his vision, which he found to be most interesting. He made his way to the temple. Tenzin was brought into the temple and given a cell a blanket and was asked to join the other monks at dinner. While at dinner Ten thought he was seeing the ghost of his now departed Grandmaster Won Mi-go. The Grandmaster of the temple was named Jun Mi-go and looked exactly like Grandmaster Won Mi-go. Jun and won were brothers who’s lives as monks and protectors of the needy have driven them to opposite ends of the earth. Tenzin soon introduced himself to Grandmaster Jun Mi-go who took a keen interest in Tenzin’s and his last name. The Grandmaster sat with Tenzin and asked him if he was aware of why they shared the same last name. Tenzin was unsure as to why he and the two Grandmasters shared the same name. Did Won ever talk about our parents or family with you? “Not once did we ever speak of this Grandmaster” replied Tenzin. That is because we know not who our family was, or where we came from. Do you remember others from the temple with the name Mi-go? “Yes Grandmaster I do, there were four of us, but what does this mean? “I know your secret my son, and the beast that is brought forth in the most needed times. And these others, they too carried the same secrete as wall I assume?” Tenzin was more confused now then he had ever been in his life. The temple needed and still needs those of you who have taken up this mantle. This power is only taught to those who are orphaned to the temple and have no family. The Mi-go’s are the supreme protectors of the people. Because they have no family they have a draw to protect people and are trained to use every ounce of their mind, body, and spirit to protect those in need. There are those like yourself who are our warriors in training. Then there are those like your previous Grandmaster who have taken it to the next level and wield great power for the good of all mankind. These warriors of Enlightenment are compelled to fight back the darkness and be the light for those who have not the faith we do. These warriors are all in the Mi-go clan. Now go, I am hungry! Soon Tenzin was accepted into temple and the force of Mi-go or “wild men”. He showed that his training and understanding was again leagues ahead of the other young Masters and monks. His training continued and now included many things that he had not learned about in Tibet. He now knew that he was not the only thing that goes bump in the night. There are a myriad of other animal empowered beings, as well as creatures from another place, a place called the nevernever. He was trained on how to deal with the lesser of these creatures in ways both diplomatic and physical. “Pease and enlightenment make all beings equal, though not all being will accept that and wish to harm others instead,” said his masters. As his training progressed he was paired with another master who was slightly older looking than himself. Bikram was a thin yet powerful person who like Tenzin had a presence about him that made people stop and listen. They worked together in not only physical and mental training, but in the training of the spirit as well. Together they traveled throughout the area mediating and protecting all in need. One spring morning with a sky blazing red as fresh blood they were sent to assist another Master in the tunnels. There had been stories and many whispers of late about demons and vampires and uncontrolled wizards using these tunnels to gain entrance to the city, the Nevernever, and the innocent people of Austin. Ten and Bikram were to accompany the other master the tunnels and take stock of the goings on that they saw. For hours they wandered through near darkness with nothing but the sound of rats and bats and the reflections of their lights. There were very little signs of people or other beings. Tenzin suggested that if there were as many beings using these tunnels as they had anticipated maybe they were entering from other places or had the ability to hide their passing, soon though they found the tracks of human sized beings. Bikram bent low to look at the tracks as the master slowly circled the area to look for more info. These look human said Bikram, as their lights went out. Ten and Bikram stood and turned back to back as the sound of large creatures began to fly buy. As their senses slowly adjusted to the idea of no sight they began to hear and smell the others. There was a sound to Tenzin’s left as he was hit as if with a truck and thrown against the far wall some fifty feet from where he and Bikram had been standing. Tenzin realized that it was past time for forgiveness and patience with these creatures, they meant to do him and the others great harm. His change began. Once in his were-form, Tenzin’s eyes adjusted to the lack of light and could see multiple shapes moving in the darkness. The shapes moved as shadows in the darkness and with speed that Tenzin and Bikram were not used to. As Ten took stock of the situation a shadow stopped behind Bikram, and the form of a humanoid took shape. The being grabbed Bikram by the head and with a vicious snap broke his neck and while looking Tenzin in the eyes bit Bikram in the neck. Ten leaped forward to stop the creature but was hit from behind and knocked to the ground. With all his might he pushed back at the creature that had hit him and jumped to his feet. Silence! The tunnel was empty and silent. The shadows which moved with speed and power beyond that which Tenzin could perform were gone. Left behind were Tenzin and the bodies of his friend Bikram and the other master. Ten went to both bodies, and looked at each as the horror of what had happened here and in his temple in Tibet sank in. He had now seen the creatures that had killed the people of his temple. Without a further thought on that matter he picked up the two monks and returned to the temple. The next day there was a car at the temple to take him to the coroner’s office. The door was opened and he was ushered into the car. Minutes later to open again as he was lead into the building and left and told to sit outside of a metal door with a small pain of glass. Beside the door was a name plate County Coroner Genevieve Batiste. Before sitting he looked through the window and was intrigued by what he saw. The woman inside appeared to be speaking the now dead Bikram. “Now Master Bikram what is your full name? Mi-go you say, that is very interesting, what does that mean? “Wild man! Oh, because you turn into a gorilla!”That is very interesting indeed, and makes a lot sense. “Where did you die?” “The Tunnels?” At this point Tenzin entered the room and walked up to her. The woman whom he assumed was Genevieve. Looked up at him and said flatly “Yes?” How did you know he was in the tunnels? And how do you speak to the dead? As the conversation progressed it occurred to Tenzin that this woman may be able to speak with his Grand master and find information about what happened at the temple. She soon agreed and had a chilling answer for Tenzin. Vampire! It is the only thing the spirit spoke to me. Where do I find more information on vampires? Try the Ransom center library at UT, there may be something there to help. And he was off!

Phase Aspect: Following a higher power

PHASE FOUR: Guest Star

Story Title: Miss Magic

Guest Starring: Yvette Batiste

Events: As Tenzin Mi-go entered the library his senses screamed out at him evil and good and power everywhere. Taking all of that in he began to look for books that may lead to information on vampires. After an hour of searching he had gotten nowhere, so he decided to look for the librarian to ask for help. When he was unable to find them he approached a young woman who looked strikingly like Genevieve Batiste, the Coroner. This woman was sitting at a table by herself, with fifteen to twenty books on the table all around her. Each book open and place for reference, with pages of notes sticking out of many of them. Excuse me Miss, my name is Tenzin Mi-go and I am searching for information and am unable to find what I am looking for, you seem to know your way around, could you possibly help me? Yvette lead him to a section of shelves that were full of books on the occult, and pointed at a row that she thought would help him. She wished him luck and went back to her table. He listened as she pulled out her chair to sit down, then the sound of books being moved and leafed through began again. As he began to look at the titles of the books he heard a crash and a muffled scream from the direction of Yvette’s table. He ran back to her table and arrived in time to see her being dragged out the side door by two men, one with his hand over her mouth. As he reached the side door, the van door was slamming and the men were jumping in. Tenzin jumped over the railing and sprinted to the van, grabbing the door hinge and stepping up on the bumper. The van sped away. Minutes later the van pulled to a stop outside of a small warehouse in east Austin. One of the men stepped out of the van and opened the gate as the other man drove through. The first man closed the gate and returned to the van. They entered the warehouse and came to a stop. They pulled Yvette from the van and tied her to a chair, placed handcuffs on her than began yelling questions at her. WHERE IS IT? WHERE DID YOU GET IT? HOW DID YOU GET IT? WHAT WERE YOU PLANNING TO DO WITH IT? Tenzin stepped out of a shadow. Excuse me, but I don’t believe that you are treating Yvette very well. I will be patient with you but I must ask you to let the woman go and we will solve this in a calm and peaceful manner. The first man who had gotten out of the van, who was tall and broad shouldered with bright red hair walked up to Tenzin. I don’t know how you got in here, but I do know how you’re getting out. In pieces! As the last work exits his mouth he punches out a quick right jab and follows up with a left hand punch aimed at Tenzin’s head. He deftly blocked the first and used the momentum of the second to spin forward and to the side of the man. “I will forgive your miss understanding of the situation and my intentions.” “Are you having a bad day? Do you feel that this woman has taken something of your? Do you think you will benefit from these actions?” Tenzin pulls up another chair and sits next to Yvette, looking at the men. “Let us start from the beginning, why have you taken this woman?” What is it to you? This nice lady was in the process of assisting me in the library, and I would like her to continue with this. She has something we want and we plan to get it. Did you try to talk to her in a peaceful manner before taking her? No! Why? I don’t need to talk to anyone to get what I need! But in the end you must speak to her to get what you need. I assume from the line of questioning that you just went through you have very little info, including the whereabouts of said item. SO to have started with a civil conversation makes more sense. Let us move on to a new question. What is it that you are looking for, that you assume she has? She has the Talisman of Tim; she bought it from Frankie over at Austin books. He said he sold it to her. Yvette, do you have this Talisman? NO!!! What are the possibilities that this Frankie has lied to you, maybe just to throw you off of the trail? He wouldn’t lie to me, he is not that stupid. Maybe your ability to instill trust in people is not as strong as you believe, he may have misled you. Let us try another question. What does this talisman look like? It is a small blue skull cap with three question marks on it. Yvette does this sound like anything in your positions, or that you have seen? No, I have no idea what you are talking about. The last thing I bought at Austin books was the last Green Arrow book by Kevin Smith. I ask you again to let this nice lady go and that you check back with your sources to rectify this issue? I feel that you have come to this point with a great deal of missing information. The man looks at both Tenzin and Yvette with a very confused glance, and waves them away. Your weird man, take the girl and get the hell out of here before I decide to just shoot you both. Could you please untie her and take the hand cuffs off? Don’t worry about it said Yvette as she stands up, dropping the cuffs and the rope to the ground. Let’s get out of here. I thank you gentleman for making the appropriate choice in this matter. Tenzin and Yvette walked calmly and peacefully from the warehouse. Later back at the library… Thank you so very much for helping me there, I have no idea what they were talking about! If there is every anything more I can do to help you please let me know? I thank you Yvette and I am truly sorry that these men felt that this was the appropriate way to go about their business. If you are ever in need of any sort of assistance place do not hesitate to contact me.

Phase Aspect: Zen and the art of sweet talking.

PHASE FIVE: Guest Star Redux

Story Title: Mr. Wizard

Guest Starring: Javier Suarez

Events: As the sun rose, Tenzin was deep in the tunnels looking for any information about the creatures that killed Bikram and the other master. Ten spent an unknown amount of time looking for site before he found the place of the attack. As he wondered the area he heard voices deeper into the tunnels. He quietly moved down the tunnel so he could find out what was happening. Tenzin came to a stop in the shadows of the tunnel where he thought the others could not see him. He sat there watching the others, he did his best to take in all the information he could. He saw three people, two who seemed to be working together and another who looked to be very agitated by what was happening. (……..)The third was a very small and agitated man whose eyes always darted about as if looking for an escape route. Cornelius! Said Javier. You know it was wrong! We don’t want to hurt you but you broke one of the laws and we are here to take you back to the council. They will decide what will happen to you. You know you have to return with us to the council! I won’t do it! Said the smaller man. You and your babysitter don’t have the power to take me! I will kill you two as well! With that, he held out a small wooden rod and pointed it at the two men. “Ta Ta” And blasts of energy erupted from the end of the rod. The first blast was directly at the two men both of which dived to the side and avoided the blast, but the second was directed at the tunnel roof above (NOT CHRIS). Having just hit the ground he was not able to maneuver away from the debris that fell from the roof, and hit the ground hard as a large rock struck his head. ADD ACTION SCENE WITH CHRIS BASED ON HIS MAGICAL ABILITIES Excuse me, Cornelius, I believe it was? I am Tenzin Mi-go and I would like to help you solve this problem in a calm and peaceful manner. I will be patient and understanding, but I need you to stop attacking these gentlemen with that stick. I heard these men tell you that you had done something wrong and that you needed to answer for that, at which point you commenced your attack. Stop this and let us talk! The small man looked at Tenzin in utter disbelief. “I don’t know who you are but you just became the next body to hit the floor!”

Phase Aspect: Right place right time

Tenzin Mi-go

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