Yvette Batiste



High Aspect: Supernatural Enthusiast
Trouble: Curiosity Killed the Cat
Other Aspects:
  • Devoted to Sister
  • No Such Thing As Failure
  • One of the Crowd
  • I can kiss, cry, or kick my way out of anything
  • Seven Principles of Razzle-Dazzle

Power Level: Up to Your Waist
Skill Cap: Great (+4)
Skill Points Spent: 25
Skill Points Available: 25
Base Refresh Level: 9
Total Refresh Adjustment: -6
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Physical (Endurance): 3
Mental (Conviction): 2
Social (Presence): 2


Type P/M/S Stress Used? Aspect
Mild Any -2 N
Moderate Any -4 N
Severe Any -6 N
Extreme Any -8 N Replace Permanently


Great (+4):
# of Slots: 1 – Deceit

Good (+3):
# of Slots: 2 – Burglary, Rapport

Fair (+2):
# of Slots: 5 – Alertness, Empathy, Performance, Scholarship, Stealth

Average (+1):
# of Slots: 5 – Athletics, Craftsmanship, Discipline, Endurance, Investigation


Cost Ability
-1 Hairpin Maestro (Burglary) – any increase in difficulty due to poor tools is reduce by up to 2
-1 Pick Pocket (Deceit) – may use Deceit skill to perform pick-pocketing with no increase in difficulty
-1 Stage Magician (Deceit) – +1 on attempts with Deceit to create quick distractions; +1 on pick-pocketing
-1 Jury-Rigger (Craftsmanship) – repairs last two scenes longer than usual
-1 Blend In (Stealth) – +2 to Stealth rolls to hide in a crowd
-1 Pointed Performance (Performance) – target something specific

Template: Pure Mortal

High Concept Aspect: Supernatural Enthusiast

  • No supernatural powers
  • +2 to refresh rate

Trouble Aspect: Curiosity Killed the Cat

PHASE ONE: Background

Events: Grew up in New Orleans (Creole heritage). Biracial parents (still alive). Spent most of my time performing magic tricks for friends and family. Always asking my sister Genevieve Batiste to show me her trick (i.e., talk to the dead).

Phase Aspect: Devoted to Sister

PHASE TWO: Rising Conflict

Events: Became assistant to Jaques “The Amazing Jack” Sharone. Performed the water escape trick for Genevieve Batiste. Died. Genevieve Batiste brought me back. Began researching the supernatural and occult to prove to myself it is all real.

Phase Aspect: No Such Thing As Failure


Story Title: Vampires: Fact or Fiction?

Cameo: Markus Raith

Events: While being the opening act for Markus Raith and debuting my “vampires don’t have reflections” trick, I saw a vampire in the audience (or didn’t see his reflection). My curiosity to prove him supernatural lead me on a shadow mission ending at Elysium and still no hard proof.

Phase Aspect: One of the Crowd

PHASE FOUR: Guest Star

Story Title: No Shit, There I was…

Guest Starring: Javier Suarez

Events: Ever been in an elevator with a coffin, a closterphobic man, and an easily angered Mexican? Well, the circumstances can deteriorate mighty fast. With some quick thinking, smooth talking, and rewiring, I managed to escape with no bruises and a great “no shit, there I was” story.

Phase Aspect: I can kiss, cry, or kick my way out of anything

PHASE FIVE: Guest Star Redux

Story Title: A Natural High Tweaked by Spirits

Guest Starring: [[:Pitivo Rocka]]

Events: Vampires do exist! I can’t reveal their identity, but trust me. On a natural high from my adventure with Markus Raith, I was ready to PARTY! Markus took me to Pitivo’s house. Wow! does he know how to party. Well, after “razzle-dazzling” everyone, one thing lead to another, and…suffice to say, Pitivo and I have a new kinda connection.

Phase Aspect: Seven Principles of Razzle-Dazzle

Yvette Batiste

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